Nesting and Content

Often, widgets can contain other editable content. This may include text, specific media types, any block nodes, or even other widgets.

<slot>: Where nested content is rendered

In your widget’s shadow DOM template, you can add <slot> elements. These specify where in the shadow DOM child elements of your widget may be placed. You can read more about slots here.

import {html} from "lit"
import {LitElementWw} from "@webwriter/lit"
import {customElement} from "lit/decorators.js"

export class MyWidget extends LitElementWw {
  render() {
    return html`
      Here's my content:

editingConfig.content: What can be nested

By default, WebWriter considers widgets as leaf nodes with no content. With the editingConfig, you can change this behavior and specify what content is allowed or even required.

  // your widget's package.json
  "exports": {
    "./widgets/my-widget": "./widgets/my-widget.ts"
  "editingConfig": {
    "./widgets/my-widget": {
      "content": "flow*"